Wayne Vanwyck educates business owners and advisors how to plan for business transition successfully.

Wayne’s speaking style is engaging, straight talking and personal. Wayne is on a mission and audiences certainly feel it – leaving not only better informed but also inspired to take action to plan their succession and beat the biggest business selloff in history.

Wayne has presented to:

  • The National Kitchen and Bath Association
  • Sun Life Financial
  • Canada Life
  • Confederation Life
  • IBM
  • Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce
  • The Guelph Chamber of Commerce
  • Freedom 55 Financial
  • The International Executives Association (London)
  • Home Hardware
  • Canadian Gift and Tableware Association
  • Canadian Industrial Innovation Centre
  • University of Waterloo

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Are you an advisor to business owners? You already know something that most of your clients are loath to admit. They should be planning now how and when they will exit their business. Do your clients need to get their head out of the sand and begin to take action on the next stages of their business? Would your business relationships be enhanced if you provided some concrete motivation and process for getting them started?

Wayne Vanwyck can provide a one to three hour presentation or workshop that will get them moving. With a balance of serious statistics, motivating stories and a sense of humour, Wayne will encourage your clients to start now, to take the critical steps of transitioning away from their business at the time of their choosing. Without the right preparation now, they may lose choices and options in the future.

With no axe to grind or vested interest, Wayne can say things that you wish you could say to your clients. His message encourages business owners to work with their existing advisers to plan the right exit approach but most importantly to get started now before their options become limited.

Using Wayne as a key speaker, you could also build a series of seminars for clients and prospective clients with yourself and others as experts in the areas of accounting, valuation, law, taxation, insurance, financial planning, banking etc.

For more information on fees, bulk book prices and schedules, please contact Wayne at wav@TACresults.com

Business Owners

Literally millions of boomer business owners intend to retire in the next ten years but only 7 percent of them have a written succession plan.

This means there will be a great number of disappointed sellers. Vanwyck’s message is that business owners who don’t plan their business transition now may have to kiss all their creativity, passion, and hard work goodbye as they face a market glutted with businesses for sale and scant few buyers. Even today, only 1 in 5 businesses that are for sale, actually get sold.

But his message also is that those who do start planning their transition in advance, can increase the value of their business, increase their profitability today, and keep their options open.

Wayne has developed a presentation outlining key principles in his book The Business Transition Crisis. In his 60-minute presentation he offers practical advice for you, including:

  • 4 proven strategies to prepare your business for successful succession and sale
  • The most important aspect of any succession or business sale
  • The 3 biggest reasons business owners do NOT have a plan
  • 12 factors that affect the valuation of any business

If you’re over the age of 50, don’t get caught with your head in the sand! Wayne will outline a roadmap and a step by step process that you can begin a few years before you retire. As a result, you can increase profits now, maximize the value of your business in the future, sell it for more money and create a lasting legacy you can be proud of.


Do your members include business owners – many of whom are getting grey? A very high percentage of your members will be intending to retire in the next ten years, but they probably don’t have a plan for how. Ask Wayne to engage them in what could be the most important discussion they could have at this time.

Without proper planning and follow-though, many business owners will NOT be able to sell their business at all, never mind for the price they think it is worth.

Since they expect their business to be an important part of their retirement plan, they need to increase its profitability now and put in the right people, processes, and plans to maximize their business valuation later.
But time is running out. You need to get started now!

For more information on fees, bulk book prices and schedules, please contact Wayne at wav@TACresults.com.