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Short Video – Planning Your Succession

Wayne recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Susan Cook-Scheerer, Producer and host of Daytime. “Planning Your Succession” for business owners and their spouses. Worth sharing!!


Wayne was recently interviewed for BizTV and you can see it here.  It’s been edited down to 9 minutes so there’s some very good info in a short time. Get some quick insights that could save your business from destruction.

Business in Motion

Listen to Wayne’s interview on The Business Transition Crisis with George Torok, the host of Business In Motion radio program.

Professionally Speaking TV

Watch Wayne’s interview with Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV as they discuss the challenges faced by aging Business Owners who face the transition of their business.

Due Diligence Checklist

Want to know what a buyer is looking for before making an offer? Want to be prepared for many of the questions you’ll be asked? Check it out at: Due-Diligence-Checklist.

Press Release

Business Transition Crisis Featured in Globe and Mail’s Report on Business

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Brand New Video!

The Business Transition Crisis and How to Avoid It

This is an informative visual and audio presentation that outlines the factors that are causing the pending storm, the ways most people are dealing with it and some specific solutions for being the one in five that are able to sell their business at the time of their choosing. It’s 43 minutes long, so grab a coffee, put on your headphones and enjoy!

The Business Transition Crisis – Book – Chapter One

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Audio Overview

An introduction to the Business Transition Coach Forum

In this 20 minute audio you’ll get an overview of the BTC Forum, why it was developed for Boomer Business Owners, 7 critical questions you need to ask to avoid catastrophe, some stories of your peers, and how to get started on preparing your business for transition or sale.

Introduction Booklet

The Business Transition Coach Forum Introduction

This booklet outlines the challenges that business owners are facing, identifies some critical trends and explains our solution to the problem.

Program Overview Brochure

BTC Overview – 2014-email

Download a detailed overview of what’s involved in the Business Transition Coach Forum.

Goal Form

This One Goal Form is an electronic version of a tool used in articulating your goal, assessing the benefits and obstacles, solutions and action steps required to reach it.


Over the past few years Wayne has published a monthly article on business transition planning. You can view, download and print copies here. You can also use these to share with others and include in your magazine or newsletter as long as you give credit to the author and include the author’s contact information.

Links in the Book

Business Transition Reality Check— Free! Page 24
In preparing your business and yourself for transition, there are many questions you will need to consider. We’ve narrowed it down to 17 that require your immediate attention. The very act of answering these questions will help you to trigger some ideas and strategies that you need to work on.

Once completed, you will get a customized report within 48 hours that will provide feedback and highlight critical areas for your attention.

Please complete the sign up form at the top of this page to access your reality check.

Find a Business Transition Coach Page 31
Click here

Results-Centred Leadership Page 67
A first class leadership program that gets results.
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Business Transition Coach Forum Page 104
The Business Transition Coach Forum facilitates regular peer learning sessions with business owners, who run non-competing businesses. This forum is unique in it has a primary objective: To help each member prepare effectively for the successful sale or transition of his/her business. To learn more click here: BTC Overview – 2014-email

Milestones 3.0 Page 108
A strategic goal setting program for every organization in every economic sector. Milestones 3.0™ presents a strategic planning process for developing a long-term vision and mission supported by short-term goals designed to move the organization towards its new destination.

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Internal Bleeding Page 125
Employees go through four typical and easily identifiable stages when they join and work with a company. Assessing their engagement level and their proficiency in chart form can help you see what has to be done to stop the bleeding. Answer these questions and you’ll get a free, immediate report on how much your company is losing right now.
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Hiring Tools Page 130
Getting the Right People in the Right Roles is critical to preparing your business for transition or sale. Your people are the most expensive component of your organization and your greatest asset when they are motivated and competent. You can achieve this through a well-developed business evaluation process and employee assessment system.
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Employee and Leadership Assessment Tools Page 134
Find answers through the use of innovative business assessment tools and techniques. What are the real issues that great managers need to understand and focus their time on? What are the real opportunities that the visionaries should be going after? What are the real requirements in getting the right people and how do we identify them? What are the most important performance issues that we can address with training so we can be sure of getting a return on investment?
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Take a Sabbatical Page 160

1. – Rents cottages, castles, and villas from Mexico to Europe and the British Isles.

2. – The International Home Exchange Network. For an inexpensive membership fee, you can connect with others around the world who are interested in exchanging or renting their homes for certain time frames ranging from weeks to years. $39 membership fee.

3. – International Home Exchange Holiday Service. Similar to #2 above. $120 membership fee.

4. – Worldwide Home Exchange. Similar to above. $60 membership.

5. – African Conservation Projects. Shumba Experience has conservation projects throughout Southern Africa, where you have the chance to work as a conservation volunteer on game reserves, veterinary projects, and wildlife research projects. As volunteers you’ll be working directly with conservation professionals on location in South Africa, Botswana, or Namibia.

6. – Explore the different types of sabbaticals that you can take, from green or travel to volunteering or learning.