The Business Transition Partner Program™

A value-added service uniquely created for Advisors to Business Owners with clients who are interested in selling or transitioning their business in the next 5 years.

The Benefits To Your Clients

•   Increase their profitability now
•   Leverage and maximize the financial return on their business
•   Create wealth for them and their family
•   Provide security for their employees
•   Make better decisions
•   Keep their options open
•   Sleep better at night

The Benefits To You

  • Provide value-added service to your clients
  • Enhance your connection and relationship with your clients
  • Provide a good reason for staying in touch
  • Be seen as an expert
  • Get referrals to other business owners
  • More business!


•   There will be a tsunami of businesses sold in the next 5-10 years.
•   Hundreds of thousands of business owners are thinking about retiring but most don’t have a plan. Those with a plan will have the advantage.
•   Not being prepared – and having to sell – could cost them as much as 100% or more of their final business value. Some businesses are in that situation right now. For example, think of an auto-parts manufacturer who had received an offer to buy in April 2008 and turned it down because they weren’t ready.
•   Clients who are thinking about selling thier business in the next 5 years, need to start now. Especially if the business still needs the owner’s presence to be successful.
•   To sell for the most value, a business needs to run at peak performance for at least two or three years before it is sold
•   We provide a road map with a start and end point with milestones that track your progress, including more profits along the way


BTC members gather regularly to learn a new aspect of transitioning their business, share their experiences, make better executive decisions, and resolve challenges in moving towards their goals.

Because each person is there with a common purpose and is open to feedback and learning, the discussion is brutally honest but caring.

The learning component takes the mystery and fear out of selling a business. Entrepreneurs are very effective when they know what to do.

The topics are important but even more critical, is the regular discipline of setting specific goals towards preparing your business for transition, being accountable to your peers and sharing valuable experiences along the way.

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