What Every Boomer Business Owner Needs To Know About Business Transition. (Before it’s too late.)

“The looming mass exodus of baby boomer business owners could make the last recession look like a walk in the park.”

“Right now, more than 70 percent of business owners are thinking about selling their business but most have no idea how to do it.”

  • What happens to a business, its employees and its suppliers when the owner decides to sell but hasn’t planned for it?
  • What happens to an owner when he/she is unable to sell the business for what they think it’s worth, or maybe unable to sell it at all?
  • What resources are out there that could help owners maximize business value and prepare themselves to sell their companies so that they get the dollars they want in return for their years of toil and risk?
  • What will happen to the economy when millions of businesses come up for sale – all at once?
  • If only a small percentage of businesses that go up for sale actually get sold, what happens to all the others? What happens to the owners, the clients, the employees, and the suppliers?
  • If there are millions of businesses for sale, how does an individual owner make his or her business stand out and attract prospective buyers so they are more likely to be the one that gets chosen?
  • Is there a step-by-step formula for success in selling a business that could help an entrepreneur avoid many of the pitfalls and losses while leveraging his or her company to increase its value?
  • Why do so few business owners have a plan and how can we help them to prepare so they sell their businesses on purpose instead of by default or foreclosure?
  • What options do business owners have if they don’t want to sell their business but do want to slow down?

Get The Facts – Make Better Decisions

  • 5 statistics every entrepreneur should know and how they will impact your future.
  • The 3 most likely causes of business transition failure and how to avoid them.
  • Why most businesses will never be sold and how you can improve your chances.
  • Four excuses for not having a plan and how to overcome them.
  • Why most business owners won’t be able to retire on the proceeds of their business and how to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.
  • 8 questions you should be asking your advisors but probably aren’t.
  • How most entrepreneurs are dealing with the transition of their business and why it almost guarantees they will fail.
  • How starting the process of transitioning your business 5-10 years before you want to sell it can increase its value by hundreds of thousands – maybe even millions of dollars.
  • How to ensure you do everything possible to make your business transition successful.
  • You’re Almost There! Make the transition for greater personal and business success. (Before it’s too late.)

About the Speaker

  • Wayne Vanwyck is a successful serial entrepreneur and a best-selling author.
  • In the year 2000, he was diagnosed with a degenerative muscle disease that forced him to rethink his business and his life twenty years earlier than he had intended.
  • In 2008 he took a six-month sabbatical with his wife, drove 35,000 km around North America in a RV and interviewed entrepreneurs who had sold their business.
  • He’s on a mission to help owners begin the process of transitioning their business to avoid the embarrassment, grief, disappointment and financial pain inherent in leaving the future up to chance.
  • At this breakfast workshop, you’ll receive a copy of his new book, The Business Transition Crisis: Plan Your Succession Now and Beat the Biggest Business Selloff in History.

Location: TBA

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Time: Breakfast at 7:45, Meeting from 8:30 – 11:00

Fee: $129 plus tax

To register or for more information, please call 519-654-2368 or go send and email to wav@TACresults.com

Presented by: The Achievement Centre International and The Business Transition Coach Forum