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Those Were Heady Times

My wife is ‘de-cluttering’. Deep in a closet was a box that probably hasn’t been opened for 30 years, maybe longer. In it were remnants and reminders of my youth; birthday cards, letters from friends, (mostly girls, long since forgotten) photographs and at the very bottom, a newspaper from May, 1977. 35 years ago!

It was The Owen Sound Sun Times. The paper was much wider than today’s papers, and heavier. It had substance. So too did the stories. I read the whole front page and didn’t find a single spelling mistake or grammatical error. The articles were well presented and relevant. Too bad that today’s newspapers can no longer afford to have editors, publishers and journalists that have the time to do as good a job.

Interestingly enough, the stories haven’t changed that much. Here are some of the headlines:

Ottawa will decide when to end controls… a story about wage and price controls; the government involved in trying to manage the economy – something that rarely works.

Trudeau loses temper… a story about Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau uttering under his breath, “Shut up for Christ sake.” A comment he later apologized for, which was directed at NDP MPs. Will we be hearing an echo in the near future with another Trudeau?

Election to cost $15 million… The numbers are smaller but the press still focuses on the cost of elections. 2011’s Ontario elections cost approximately $100 million.

Lewis, compensation board head tangle… Provincial NDP leader at the time, Stephen Lewis was sniping at the ruling Conservative government over neglecting the manufacturing sector of the economy and the operations of the Workman’s Compensation Board. Today, Lewis is still a force to be reckoned with but is advocating now for eliminating the devastating effects of HIV and AIDs in Africa. Still passionate and working for the disadvantaged.

Tragedy can be avoided… a story about the dispute in Canada over Quebec separation. Will that ever be resolved?

I lied but I won’t grovel: Richard Nixon… a reminder that political scandal, unethical behaviour and a sense of entitlement and unbridled power, has been with us for a long time. Too bad we still haven’t learned a way to enable highly moral people to survive and thrive in politics without losing their way.

It was a walk down memory lane. A reminder that 35 years can go by in a flash. Where did that time go?

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