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Taking Advantage of a Snow Day

It’s one of those days we used to love as kids. From the inside looking out, it is beautiful! A winter wonderland. Pillows of virgin snow weighing down the branches of pine and spruce trees. The house down the street a soft, hazy apparition. Kids that aren’t stuck on their computer are heading for the nearest hill with anything that will slide. Toboggans, fancy ski machines or a piece of plastic. Even a a broken down cardboard box will work in a pinch.

But today, I’ll simply catch up on loose ends and check off items on my to do list. If you’re interested in a neat little program that makes a simple to do list even more simple and easy, check out this website.

If you want to know more about what’s happening at The Achievement Centre, go here. There are a few great events coming up in which you may wish to participate. There’s a symposium in Guelph Ontario on February 19th. I’ll be one of 5 speakers dealing with the legal, taxation, selling and practical business transition issues that business owners are or will soon be facing.