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Business Transition & The Beatles

It’s hard to let go. And if we needed more evidence of that, my experience last night highlighted it, again.

It was a trip down memory lane, Penny Lane and Abbey Road. Yes, another tribute to the Fab Four, the Beatles who have left a permanent dent in the collective minds of the boomer generation.

With a full symphony orchestra in the background, the tribute band looked and sounded very much like the originals. They played tunes from the sixties and seventies – some great rock and roll.

And as I looked around the hall, about 2,000 grey and balding heads bobbed to the music that recalled a younger, more exciting age when they would have been happy in the back seat of any car with their teenage lover.

It was nostalgic. It was a little sad. And we loved it. No current musicians can hold a candle to the Beatles.

If it’s that hard to transition away from music that’s 40 years old, it does give us some insight into how difficult it can be to transition away from the business you gave birth to.