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Gleanings From the Internet on Business Transition

As part of my ongoing research, I scan articles and new releases about succession planning, business transition and business exits. I’ll share some of the more interesting ones here from time to time.

TORONTO, March 14 /CNW/ – Nearly half (49%) of Canadian family business owners have not chosen their next business leader, exposing a lack of succession planning, according to the Canadian results of PwC’s latest Global Family Business Survey. More…

Myths and Realities of Succession Planning. This article dispels the view of succession planning as just training young employees to take over when the retired employees leave. Instead this author defines succession planning as developing talent from within an organization and recruiting qualified outside candidates. Also lists and discredits a number of succession planning myths. More

CFIB Report on Business Transition. While this document is a little dated, much of the content is still interesting and provides a good backdrop to what entrepreneurs in Canada are thinking about business transition. More…

Start planning today!Preparing for a business transition is a complex process involving a variety of considerations, all of which require meticulous planning. These aspects form a whole, and each component is intricately linked. Some words of wisdom from BDC. More