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Some Free Stuff – On Business Transition

Winter has set in and it’s almost the New Year so it’s a great time to sit back, reflect and make some decisions about the future. I’ve added some new items for those who are interested in business transition and succession planning.

First, here’s a link to an article in Inc. Magazine about a peer group that has started in the US. It identifies many of the issues we’ve been concerned with and gives a good look at the inside workings of a group of business owners who meet regularly to focus on preparing their business for transition. I’ve spoken with the owners of the company running it and they seem like great guys.

We’re launching a peer program in Canada in the New Year. For those interested in developing memberships or leading these sessions, we’re having a launch program on January 20, 2011 in the Kitchener, Ontario area. To get more information, you can contact Wayne by email or phone 519-894-4748 ext 385. For those interested in joining a peer group, get in touch with Wayne.

Here’s an introduction to the Business Transition Coach Forum in audio form. In this 24 minute module you’ll get an overview of the BTC Forum, why it was developed for Boomer Business Owners, 7 critical questions you need to ask to avoid catastrophe, some stories of your peers, and how to get started on preparing your business for transition or sale.

Introduction Module - The Introduction to The Business Transition Coach Forum (BTC Forum).

This booklet includes the information from the audio above, but also includes some exercises and additional stories. For those participating in the BTC Forum, this provides the first step in the program.

Now, what was I getting my wife for Christmas….