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This is Deadly Serious

A client I haven’t seen in a couple years was on my list of people to call this week. I spoke to his brother a few weeks ago, gave him a copy of my book and was supposed to follow-up. I was looking forward to a lively discussion about his plans for his future and the future of his business. It won’t be a lively discussion at all. He died last week.

I was shocked when I opened the paper and saw his obituary. Heart attack. He was only 61. He appeared to be perfectly healthy. Such a waste.

It reminded me of why I’m on a mission to help business owners prepare themselves and their business for transition NOW. There is a sense of urgency. Time is of the essence. Let’s not leave the problem for our families to clean up. Let’s get started on developing a plan that will help you maintain control over the business now and for the foreseeable future, that will put successors in the wings ready to take over, that will provide you with the option to take time off now and enjoy the fruits of your labour. To live.

If I don’t get to you fast enough to arrange a meeting, call me. I want to help.


Professionally Speaking TV

I don’t like travelling into Toronto as much as I used to so when I was invited to do a TV interview downtown TO, I accepted but wasn’t quite sure how I would get there on time. Fortunately it all worked out and I enjoyed the interview with the host, Randall Craig. You can watch the interview here:

Business In Motion

I was recently invited to talk about The Business Transition Crisis on a Hamilton radio program called Business in Motion. George Torok is the host of the show and he’s been interviewing business leaders on his program for over 14 years and he’s very good at it. It was a pleasure to do the show and I believe we had a very insightful discussion.  He pulled some good stuff out of me, including some personal information I don’t usually share. You can listen to it here.