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Built to Sell

I had a good chat with John Warrilow yesterday. He’s the author of Built to Sell, a great book on strategies to prepare your business for sale. John recently sold his business and is now doing writing and speaking engagements. He recently discussed my book in an article in the Globe and Mail which I appreciated.

I was surprised to find that I was talking to John in France. He and his family have moved there recently to provide an enriching experience for his children and to build his international speaking opportunities. Nice job John!

John’s story is an inspiration to entrepreneurs who wish to capitalize on their hard work of developing a business, growing the business and then selling the business so they can go on to have additional interesting experiences. Yes, there is life after the sale of your business and if you plan it right, it can be a very nice life filled with many of the same thrills you had when you were starting your business. Remember the excitement, the passion, the challenge and the elation you felt when you hit a new milestone? How long has it been since that adrenalin has been coursing through your veins?

New opportunities await you, but they are unlikely to happen by pure chance. What do you really want?

On a personal note, Dawna and I just returned from a trip to the Canadian Rockies with some good friends. Truly awe inspiring scenery and a reminder of the important things in life.

The Kananaskas Hwy near Canmore Alberta