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This Business Transitioning Really Works

If you’ve read previous blogposts you know that I took a sabbatical a couple years ago. It was both wonderful and terrible. Read more if you want to know some of the details. I learned that there were some cracks in  my business so if I was going to begin the process of transitioning my business, I’d better fix the cracks and try again. So this summer I’m trying again.

My goal is to spend nine weeks at my cottage and take another two weeks western vacation between May and October. While at my cottage I can still keep an eye on business by being in touch once a week by phone conference and reading my email. And at this stage, I’m not sure that my absence at the office will be missed. Hard on my ego? A little, but not enough to wish I was back there instead of here in cottage country.

What’s different? Well, I’ve taken on a great partner in The Achievement Centre who is assuming more of the day to day role of managing the business, I’ve a great management team at Callright Marketing Services that is managing the business well and increasing revenue and we’ve tightened up policies and procedures so that if we go off the rails, we know quickly and have a strategy for getting back on track. There are lots of other things too like:

  • Managing expenses closely so we aren’t spending more than we’re making.
  • Managing accounts receivables so they don’t get out of control.
  • Adding a new salesperson to grow the business and training him to sell effectively from the beginning.
  • Training team leaders in RADAR, a program that teaches responsibility and professional development.
  • Strategic Planning with my partners and management team using Milestones to make the right choices for next steps.
  • Hiring the right people so that we have reliable and coachable people with the right fit. For this we utilize Prevue assessments.
  • and probably just as important – giving myself permission to do it and enjoy it.

Inspiring sunsets from the cottage